Venture Ballistic Composites Inc.

Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

                                                                  (7) Year Warranty on all Ballistic Shields

Revolutionary design has moved 

Grade-8 hardened steel BOLTS 

to edge of shield for added protection.

The Ultimate Maritime 

Tactical Response Ballistic Shield


 Designed with, and custom built for the

Maryland Natural Resources Police

TRT/DHS Maritime Assault Teams.


12" x 22"  (10 lbs)  Price: $ 550.00

16" x 28"  ( 13 lbs.) Price  $1500.00

 19” x 29”  (15 lbs)  Price:  $ 1700.00


      This unique NIJ level III shield


with positive buoyancy.


This extreme level III ballistic shield not only

fits tactical maritime requirements, but can also

be deployed in a variety of tactical situations,

 on land and water.

Full center core protection.

Rural tactical missions consist of any operation in a rural environment where a tactical response is required.  These include fleeing felons, individuals that pose a threat to others and themselves, and missions requiring specialized tactics and stealth.