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Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

                                        (7) Year Warranty on all Ballistic Shields
All Composites Tested to NIJ Standard 0108.01
The ROBO Ballistic Shield

Diminutions: 20x36

Weight: N.I.J Level 3a   16 lbs.
             N.I.J Level 3     32 lbs.

View port: 4.5x12

Price: N.I.J Level 3a     $12500.
          N.I.J Level 3       $2995.

Add a 1000 LUM LED Light for $300.
All New 2018  ROBO2 Ballistic Shield
18x34 15 lbs.
Viewport 4.5x10
3a (only) $995.00 N/Light

Add a 1000 LUM LED Light for $300.
School Training VBC  (Active Shooter )
A Must Have Team Item !
No modern Tactical Team should be using a N.I.J Level 3a Ballistic Shields for their primary Ballistic Shield Protection. Recent events have reversed long standing protocols,  when N.I.J Level 3a shields were the "Go to" and the N.I.J Level 3 was considered the "Special Threats" Shield. The latest train of thought considers the use of a 3a shield in a rifle threat active shooter scenario to be  more of a danger to the team than an asset . In fact, your team could benefit more from hand`s free unencumberment , and falling back on basic infantry tactics of fragmented two man teams using a "Shoot , move, and communicate" style response once contact has been established. The traditional training method of stacking up team members behind a shield not capable of withstanding incoming rifle rounds is in effect creating a fatal funnel on open ground.  Don`t rely on surrounding  agencies to support your team with essential N.I.J Level 3 Gear when you need it most.
Ballistic Values :

N.I.J Level 3a Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops

.44 Mag. at 1450 fps.
.9 mm at 1450 fps. and below ( .45,40,357,380, and most shotgun projectiles .

N.I.J Level 3  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops

.308 cal. (Ball)
5.56 NATO (Ball) - .223 cal. (Ball)
7.62 x 39 cal. (Ball)
N.I.J Level 3+  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops
7.62 x 39 ( Steel Core )
N.I.J Level 3++ Standard ( 0108.01 )
5.56 NATO ( M-855 Steel Core ) Green Tip`s

Non-Ballistic Blue Practice Shields

Level 3 Weight $850

Level 3a Weight $650

Shooting Level 3 Samples with  Sarasota  Sheriff SWAT Team.  308 and 5.56 ( No Penetrations )