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Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

ROBO SWAT Entry Ballistic Shield

NIJ Level III Protection

NIJ Level 3  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops
.308 cal. (Ball)
5.56 NATO (Ball) - .223 cal. (Ball)
7.62 x 39 cal. (Ball)
NIJ Level 3+  Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops
7.62 x 39 ( Steel Core )
NIJ Level 3++ Standard ( 0108.01 )
5.56 NATO ( M-855 Steel Core ) Green Tip`s
3a Ballistic Composites "Will Not Stop" rifle rounds. In fact they may increase the size of the wound channel by "Key Holing" the incoming round. A center fired rifle round will penetrate a 3a shield and 3a vest  combined. Once a rifle threat has been identified leave your 3a shields in the car , you will benefit more from hands free mobility than using this gear. That`s why   your team needs a Level 3 shield. Check your Departmental Protocol`s and know your Ballistic Value`s. Your Life may depend on it.

ROBO SWAT Entry Ballistic Shield 

NIJ Level IIIA Protection.

NIJ Level 3a Standard ( 0108.01 ) Stops

.44 Mag. at 1450 fps. 

.9 mm at 1450 fps. and below ( .45,40,357,380, and most shotgun projectiles .