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Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

The First Responder ( Ballistic Patrol Shield )

 The first ballistic shield designed specifically for patrol officers.The First Responder shield is compact, light weight, and maneuverable , allowing deployment in seconds when needed. This shield offers 3a ballistic protection beyond the typical ballistic vest , covering the officers head, neck , and other vital areas exposed to handgun and shot gun rounds . Our proprietary construction allows for a rugged , water proof , long lasting duty life of 7 years with stopping power unsurpassed in the industry. With over 2000 shields on active duty and officer safety never more in question  , this is a concept who`s time has come. Contact us today to find out how your Department can benefit from this essential piece of safety gear.

Size :16x28

Weight :14 lbs.

View Port 4" x 10" (Replaceable)

Colors : Black or OD Green

Cost : $595.00

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Both N.I.J Level 3 and 3a Age Tested to 10 years with  "Zero Penetrations".    ( Seven Year Warranty ) on all ballistic shields.

VBC Ballistic Test Report
VBC Special Ballistic Test Report

V-50 Quality Control - V-50 speed 1545 fps. 240 LSWC 44. Magnum

Affordable and extreme custom produced ballistic shields.

1) All shields tested to NIJ Standard 0108,01 ( 3a-3-3+, and 4)

2) All shields are water resistant ( Can be make 100% upon request ) Can be Decontaminated with optional CARC Coating (See Mil Spec.) 

3) All composites tested to 10 years cycle ( 7 year warranty )

4) Replaceable view port if damaged

5) Lightest weights Industry offers

6) Field replaceable lights with 4 hr. run time ( Simple on/off won`t back light your crew )

7) Value Engineered for low cost and maintenance

8) Aluminum handles and Grade 8 fasteners for reliability

9) A variety of Mission Specific shapes and designs to fit your needs


 " Whether You are looking for SWAT shields or an entire Patrol package we can help ".