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Field Demo and Live-Fire Demo
Venture Ballistic Composites (LOGO)
Field Demo and Live-Fire Demo
First Responder #1 (16x28) 3a Ballistic Shield


First Responder-2


With light option

First Responder-1

N.I.J Level 3A

Dimensions:  16" x 28"

View Port:  4" x 8"

Weight:  14 Lbs


VBC First Responder Ballistic Shields ( Action Pic`s)
Bulletproof hothouse training
School SRO ballistic shield

The first ballistic shield designed specifically for patrol officers, The First Responder shield is compact, light weigh, and maneuverable, allowing deployment in seconds when needed. This shield offers 3a ballistic protection beyond the typical ballistic vest, covering the officers head, neck, and other vital areas exposed to handgun or shot gun rounds. Our proprietary construction allows for a rugged, waterproof, long lasting duty life of 7 years with stopping power unsurpassed in the industry. With over 2000 shields on active duty and officer safety never more in question, this is a concept who`s time has come. Contact us today to find out how your Department can benefit from this essential piece of safety gear. 

Shields come with a (7) year Warranty and all composites tested to N.I.J Standard 0108.01    


Tactical Entry Shield

Monroe County Florida Keys SWAT ballistic shield training

VBC First Responder Ballisistic Shield ( Action )
VBC First Responder Ballistic Shield ( Active Shooter Responce)
VBC First Responder Ballistic Shield (Live Fire)
Training with bulletproof shield
VBC Ballistic Shield Stand Off
VBC Ballistic Shield Training
Bearcat bulletproof shield