Venture Ballistic Composites Inc.

Aerospace ... saving lives at street level.

Finally ... affordable custom built ballistic shield protection.

                                  Seven (7) Year Warranty on all Ballistic Shields
All Composites Tested to N.I.J Standard 0108.01
Active Shooter Ballistic Shield (long) front
Active Shooter Ballistic Shield (long) back

N.I.J Level III

Dimensions:  16' x 28"

Weight: 15 lbs

$ 1500.00

Active Shooter NIJ Level 3

N.I.J Level 3A

16" x  28"

Weight: Only 9 lbs

$ 395.00

Blue Training Shield

BLUE Training Shields


Looks, feels and weighs the same.

Exact Replica

$ 195.00

The V.B.C  "Active Shooter" lineup of Shields was created in response to an all too common and disturbing trend of heavily armed assailants actively engaging unarmed civilian targets in our schools, shopping centers, and our places of employment.
The shields are engineered for longevity, affordability, and ease of use at the patrol level. However, the Level 3 version of the 16" x 28" is currently being deployed in patrol cars by reactionary tactical teams. This allows for rifle-rated protection on site as the team members arrive, as well as for courthouse security and high-risk points of entry.